Welcome to the Alps!

A big tourism industry has sprung up around the Austrian village of Hinterberg and its magical dungeons full of monsters and Alpine mythical creatures.
Adventurers from all over the world come to complete the Dungeon Challenge, find epic loot, and hang out at Hinterberg’s famous après-slay bars.

“Dungeons of Hinterberg” is a single-player mix of Action-RPG and Social Sim: Explore dungeons, solve puzzles, slay huge bosses - then have a Schnitzel with the locals and other slayers from around the globe. Build deep relationships that unlock special abilities, give you key items, or simply help you find your way through a daunting dungeon!

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Your Holiday in Hinterberg

  • Use magic spells and cutting-edge adventure sports gear to battle monstrous creatures from Alpine myths!

  • Take a hike in the surroundings of Hinterberg, and find and gain access to their magical dungeons. Avoid traps, solve puzzles, and find epic treasure!

  • Spend your nights forging friendships with the locals and other adventurers! Good relationships don't just make your stay more memorable - they're the key to becoming a better slayer!

  • Take a vacation in a modern-day Austrian village - come for the dungeon-crawling, stay for the rural charm and fresh mountain air!

"Dungeons of Hinterberg" is made possible with the support of aws Creative Impact.
Austria Wirtschaftsservice Ministry of Digital and Economic Affairs